Doorbell, Mosquitoes, and Craigslist


I never realized this until two weeks ago that our Chicago home does not have a doorbell. If you’ve visited, you already know that what we have instead is a complicated system of locked gates and a buzzer that only works once you are half way up. It was/is a pain and has made itself evident now as I experience the charm of a real, proper door bell.
The first time it rang I wasn’t quite sure what it was; it took a second to figure out that we had a visitor.
Another difference I have noticed is that the South has a Craigslist etiquette! Perhaps it is just my luck but when we posted an ad for free boxes, everyone responded with such polite mannerisms  and were even more incredible in person. We were “a blessing” for giving the boxes and even got hugs and family stories in return.
Only if the Southern Mosquitoes were this polite. They have chewed us alive. I took Arjun for a walk in the nearby amphitheater and rose garden, or at least I tried until a cloud of feisty and thirsty mosquitoes desended on us. Asha often complains that another one got her just about every evening. This one will take a little getting used to for sure.
All in all, life goes on…happily!

P.S. – The picture above is that if a sculpture in the small park near us. It’s a wolf covered in donuts!

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