New Normal

Just like last time, the first thing we did after closing on our new home is to drive to Costco and buy a TV.  I say this to poke fun at Devang, but will admit that it’s nice to have a TV (and internet) while we wait for the moving company to bring our stuff.  It’s been fun getting to know the house. We keep walking the empty rooms planning and re planning where all the things will go and what new things we need.  Sometimes I forget that we have a truck full of stuff coming (ha!).

Asha keeps asking for the “606” and “Lucy Flower Park”.  Last night she made pretend phone calls to her school friend Jacob.  I know she knows that we moved but the proximity is lost on her.  She is the happiest little child but I can tell that all of these changes have not been easy. She starts at the new school next week as well.  Needless to say, I am worried and hoping that she takes it all in with a stride.

All of us are trying to find similarities between our old neighborhood and the new one.  Each time we find that coffee shop, or that park, or that store that reminds us of Chicago, we get so excited and feel a little more comfortable and know that it will be okay.

And now for a few more pictures from the last few days. Arjun is rolling over and no longer likes to be left alone.  Asha loves the small park at the end of our block.  We found a great nursery down the road called Logan’s and can’t wait to add new plants to the inside and outside of our home. Asha is already enjoying the back yard.

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