Life Lately

The highlight of our first Friday (I promise I will eventually stop with the firsts) was walking from home to The Big Easy for some libations.  Historic Oakwood is like stepping in a fantasy world of beautiful colorful homes.   And not to seem like Peeping Toms, we had to limit ourselves from stopping and staring at them for too long.  Being able to walk to the downtown restaurants, parks, museums, etc will be the biggest benefit of living here.  On the way back we picked up dinner from Beasley’s Chicken + Honey – let’s just say that I am going to love me some fried chicken eating a lot (welcome to the South y’all).

In other news, grand parents got Asha a tricycle.  She is a wee bit too short to peddle herself but we are still having fun taking it out for a spin.  On the way we sometimes stop and snack on our neighbor’s cherry tomatoes.  We hung a wind chime too on the porch and if it weren’t for the insane mosquitoes I would be hanging out there all the time.  There has been a lot of hanging out on the floors lately and I am I am looking forward to having our furniture.  My favorite purchase this week has been the Bella Island Moonlight soy candle with ruby cassis, valencia orange, and sandalwood from Target.  And here are some more pictures! Happy Weekend.

Asha on tricycle eating tomatoesIMG_1914IMG_1919IMG_1927IMG_1931IMG_1932


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