Asha’s 2nd Birthday!

It’s hard to imagine that my little baby is already two. I’m sure that I will say the same when Asha is three, four, five … thirty, because even though as parents we expect our kids to learn and grow each day, the act itself seems so surprising and sudden at these milestones. How time flies!
To celebrate the big day we chose Chicago’s Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park. It was a great choice since it gave plenty of room for the adults to mingle and enjoy the party while the kids could run around and enjoy the various hands-on exhibits (including a butterfly room!). The private room was already set up with tables and chairs (including kiddie tables and chairs) and all we did was cater the food. My favorite part of the whole package was the Amazing Animals adventure where two box turtles visited our party and the kids had a chance to pet them, play with them, and learn about the turtles.

And what’s a party without some cake and favors. I used this recipe to bake Asha’s cake and the party favors included some fruit snakes, bouncy balls, bubbles, and my two favorites – a seed kit and star light.

Happy Birthday to my little boo. I hope you continue to grow big, strong, kind, courageous, and smart. You make life simple and joyful and everyday is a party that never ends!

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