The no-recipe receipe for pancakes


When it comes to pancakes, I seem to have found the middle path – the one between the quick boxed mix versus the more time-consuming made-from-scratch mix. It’s all the righteous ingredients combined with speed and ease of putting it together while still blurry eyed on a weekday or weekend morning.

I had read about the two-ingredient pancakes on A CUP OF JO a while ago and took that as an inspiration to come up with an equally easy recipe that accounted for me forgetting that I had run out of eggs more than once. My spin was inspired by wanting to give Asha something she thought was a weekend-special when all of us had more time to linger together over a yummy breakfast. This recipe is quick enough to prepare on any hectic weekday morning as well and healthful for all those who choose to indulge. I often store the batter in the fridge for a day or two in a tightly sealed container and use it over a couple of mornings when needed.

Pancake ingredients – buckwheat flour, ripe banana, water, honey, butter (roughly serves two)

Option toppings – maple syrup, blueberries

Method – mash the banana first and add half as much buckwheat flour, a few table spoons of water, and honey to taste. I use a mini blender to mix and blend the ingredients; seems to work quicker than using a fork.  The mixture should be easily pourable. In a pan add a pat of butter and once it bubbles pour the batter. Dollar size pancakes cook quicker and perfect for the littles.  Cook on both sides till done. Serve warm with maple syrup and blueberries.

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