The second haircut

This weekend things finally started thawing around town. The sun felt so crisp and refreshing, and hearing the constant dripping of water was a good reminder that the dirty snow is disappearing and Spring is near! Besides being all sorts of productive, I took Asha to get her second ever hair-cut. She did so well, except that she didn’t want to wear the bib which meant that we came home covered with lots and lots of tiny hair. I was a little nervous because I still don’t know what kind of instructions to give to the person cutting her hair. But the lady was great and worked quickly to give Asha cute short bangs and a trim all around.ย  She was sitting still but not that still and so each time it was a guess-work on whether or not the cut was a straight line.ย  I am just happy that now she doesn’t have to wear any clips or hair bands which get pulled out as soon as I put them in. Yay to getting 10-minutes back in our morning routine.ย  Since the hair cut all I want to do is eat her up. But then again that is no different from all the other times. Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.


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