Relaxing times at the nail salon

I blame it on the Spring weather today. but on my way home from work today I had the sudden urge to get my nails done. This thought is as alien as a kid calling out for more kale with a side of broccoli. ┬áThe last time I had a pedicure was in 2010 for my wedding. I have nothing against them, and perhaps that’s just it – I haven’t spent enough time at the nail salon to appreciate the pleasure.

Well, today was the day when I got off the train and strolled straight into the closest nail salon from home. The smell of acetone engulfed me and I wondered if this might be the wrong move. But before I could change my mind, the nice Asian lady had my feet in a hot tub of bubbling water with a chair massaging my entire backside. I wanted to apologize for my wintry feet that had seen further neglect because of the big ol’ belly that makes it hard to spend quality time taking care of them. But from the look of how things were going, she must have seen worse.

I wasn’t very bold with my color choices. For my feet I chose the same red that I paint my nails at home and for the fingers I chose a nude. But there is something to be said about getting this done professionally. It was very relaxing and I am catching myself looking at my shiny fingers and toes every few minutes.

If I make this a monthly splurge I do believe I need to find a place that doesn’t leave me wondering if I lost a few brain cells from smelling all the chemicals. Even so, here’s to Spring and trying new things.

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