Happy Birthday to PoCampo!

heritage bike store
 Friday evening was spent at Heritage Bikes drinking beer and listening to great live music. The festivities were arranged by Maria to celebrate the 5th birthday of her awesome company Po Campo. I always hear people talking about their million-dollar-idea (and I am guilty of it too), but Maria is one of the few who actually acted on it and I really hope she is on her way to making the millions!

The evening looked promising all day long, but then the sky darkened and I was sure that we were about to have another mega storm. However, the showers passed and the weather couldn’t have been better. It is so easy to take care of Asha when we are doing something outdoors. This evening she had a great time making new friends, dancing to the music, trying to get into people’s beer cups, (almost) licking the green fence, walking around, and exploring.
It was a perfect wrap-up to a busy week. Thanks Maria for an awesome party! Cheers to many more years of success with Po Comp.  Oh and at age 32 I have to admit that goodie bags are still fun to receive.
PoCampo birthday celebration 2014
Pocampo birthday - Devang and Asha
Pocampo birthday. Chika and Asha

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