July 4th Celebrations

I am lucky to have the best of two worlds – my Indian heritage and my American Dream! I am even more proud of Asha to be born in a country where she has the best opportunity for the pursuit of happiness in whatever she prefers to do. And I hope she chooses to use these opportunities to make a difference in the rest of the world where others might not be that lucky.

To celebrate this Independence Day we decided to invite a few friends and family for a cookout and a fireworks show. I made some caprese skewers, mint chickpea salad using David Lebovitz’s recipe, and mini peanut butter and banana sandwiches covered in dark chocolate. Meanwhile Devang did an awesome job on the grill (three whole fish, barbecue chicken, grilled asparagus, and corn). The food was just out of this world!
Logan Square residents tend to go a little crazy with the fireworks and it’s a real treat to see the night sky light up for a solid two hours (I definitely didn’t take enough pictures). We sat on our back balcony till almost midnight and enjoyed the show without having to drive anywhere. Asha went to sleep around 9:30pm despite the loud popping sounds. Sadie, the newest member of the family is a rhodesian ridgeback puppy who also had a great time (mostly sniffing everyone’s butt). ┬áSara, Glenn, Pat, Dottie, Greg, Larry, ┬áMukund, Komal, Gaurang, and Sadie thanks for spending this holiday with us.
July 4th 2014. Grilled Fish
July 4th 2014. Grilled Asparagus
July 4th 2014. Caprese skewers
July 4th 2014
July 4th 2014
July 4th 2014. Sara and Glenn
July 4th 2014. Dottie and Greg
July 4th 2014. Dottie and Greg
July 4th 2014. Gaurang, Komal, and AshaJuly 4th 2014. SadieJuly 4th 2014July 4th 2014

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