A family trip to Amsterdam

It seems to have taken forever but here we are. Amsterdam! I was here last with my friend Angel in 2006. or was it 2007? In short it was a long time ago when I was young enough to go back-packing while living in hostels. Things are much different for this trip. I am a creature of comfort with a baby in tow. We are living in a nicer quieter part of town in a very nice apartment rental so that there is enough room for us to spread out and be comfortable. While I am loving the luxury of this trip, there is so much I miss about the way Angel and I rough-ed it. 

We landed around 5pm local time on Sunday and took the intercity train to Amsterdam Centraal to catch the tram that would bring us within steps of our home away from home. Unfortunately, the one tram we needed was out of commission for local festivities and that meant we had to walk the whole way – with a baby, stroller, and our bags. It was a nice way to orient ourselves in the city but the baggage nearly killed me. Thankfully, Asha was in her sling with me and slept the whole time it took us to find our place.

Sunday night was left to rest and relaxation. Devang passed out on the couch around 9pm. Asha and I went out for a quick walk in the neighborhood and picked up some fresh pizza and soup from the Italian place around the corner. We made a pit stop at the corner store for some milk, ice cream, and fruit for snacking the next day. There is a very friendly house cat named Noa who is giving us company. Asha and Noa are becoming fast friends.

Here are some pictures from our first day in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam 2014

Meeting our Airbnb host.

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