It takes a Village

This week for me started with a trip to Miami for work. This is the first time I have been away from Asha. The day before I left, I kept kissing her every 5 minutes (which isn’t unusual) followed with “don’t forget mama, okay?” (which Devang thought was not only unusual but a bit nutty…but I couldn’t help it).

Much like many firsts, this one came with so many mixed emotions. I was happy to have the opportunity to go somewhere fun and meet my work colleagues but at the same time I carried some guilt of leaving Asha behind. It didn’t help that the day that I left, I received a text from the nanny saying she is sick and won’t be able to make it for the next two days! Murphy’s law.

I called Devang from the airport who very patiently said not to worry. My mother-in-law who was in town was more than happy to help and Komal, my sister-in-law who works from home, also gladly offer her time to come over and help.

This means that I am in Miami truly enjoying my work instead of being miserable. ┬áSimply put, it takes a village ya’ll! I was (and mostly still am) the type of person who rarely asks for help and likes being self-sufficient. Being a mother though has taught me that it is important to ask for help not only to make things easier for me but also to let Asha know that she has a wonderful support system in her life.

Of course, I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who is an equal partner in raising our child – not just when I am away but every single day. When other mothers tell me how clueless their spouses are, I am dumbfounded because I have never experienced such a feeling. I feel empowered everyday and what a good role model this will be for Asha.

I went for a run-and-dip this morning with my work colleagues and watched the sun rise. The picture above is of some of them running into the water to cool off. What a perfect way to start the day. Yet another reason to know that I am so lucky in life.

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