Walking Home

Before we bought our condo in Logan Square, we rented an apartment in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. I have never lived in a more convenient and beautiful place. Everything that my heart desired was within a couple of blocks from home. And at the risk of sounding like a Peeping Tom, one of my favorite activities was to go out for a walk after sunset so that I could peak into the beautiful homes of others.

One thing that I miss most about living in GC is my walk to and from work which was just under 2-miles away. Yesterday after almost a year, I finally had a chance to retrace my leisurely stroll to meet Devang for dinner. I passed my favorite stores, my French language classes, the park, the WholeFoods were I always stopped for a snack to last me for the rest of the way home. What a treat it was.

More pictures from my previous walks here and here.

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