Life Lately

For Valentine’s Day Devang surprised me with orchids and pie (from Bang Bang…YUM) and found the cutest little pink dress for Asha to wear. I must say that this year I wasn’t prepared with anything in return and had woken up that morning feeling a little exhausted and out of it. But then to come home to such a surprise made me realize how lucky I am. So to show our appreciation, Asha and I baked some chocolate chip cookies for Daddy using the special recipe from Cooks Illustrated (which uses browned butter).  
I also finally invested in a bright orange caste iron dutch oven from Le Creuset. The first thought that came to me when I unpacked it, is the host of the Scandinavian cooking show on PBS; she uses a similar pale green dutch oven passed down to her from her grandma. I always thought that was so sweet.
Oh and not pictured here, are our evenings watching House of Cards season 2. Are you guys addicted yet? We are trying not to “binge watch” but sometimes it can’t be helped.

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