Relaxing Times – Home Facial

On Sunday over brunch, my friend Sara surprised us with a little gift. Wrapped in a pretty pink tissue was a jar of her homemade lavender scrub. It smelled delicious and soothing even before I had a chance to unwrap it. I am a sucker for homemade gifts and this one especially seemed so luxurious and thoughtful.

Vanity is not my strong suit but that jar was exactly the inspiration I needed to set aside some relaxing time for myself.  That evening, I turned on Pandora, lite some candles, and set up the goods to give myself a mini facial. I slathered some baking soda and honey first and wrapped a hot towel on my face.  Second came a generous goop of the lavender scrub which I massaged for a few minutes before using it to scrub my hands.
The 10-minute facial was too much fun and oh so relaxing, specially for a new mama who doesn’t always do a good job of hiding the bags under her eyes. I felt so refreshed. Devang came in to check on me and I offered to give him a facial too. He looked at me and walked away quietly. All I have to say is that he doesn’t know what he is missing!
Thank you Sara for such a wonderful gift. My skin feels so soft and smells of lavender!

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