Missing the early island mornings

For the first few days in Hawaii, all three of us were up before dawn. Devang would crank up the coffee maker and we hung out in our robes, sipping coffee on the lanai. Then we would head out for a walk on the hotel grounds and hear the birds chirping as the sky brightened. The world seemed exclusively ours.

2 thoughts on “Missing the early island mornings

  1. Gorgeous photo!

    I would love to be an early bird. As mentioned, being awake at an early hour has a quiet, fresh feeling. But like you, I've been staying up late to have personal time (especially days like today, when I don't get home from work and class until nearly 11 pm). Too bad I need at least nine hours of sleep to feel satisfied and waking up is so difficult. Let me know what techniques you try and how successful you are!

  2. I realize now, when I don't have it, I felt much better when I got up early and exercised. I swam with a team so I always had people asking me where I was if I slept in. Accountability! When I do that I'm exhausted and starving by 10a, and for a while it's hard to break the habit of going to bed late (even though you're excited to get up early) and that period is rough. But eventually you break out of the cycle and want to go to bed? I don't know, as I've found out, without being accountable to someone it's harder to do it myself. I'll be trying to start this pattern again. Good luck!

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