Hanging out in Paradise

Since we checked in at the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui on Friday night,  we haven’t stop smiling.The first morning started at 4:00am for us because of jet lag.  Asha is still a bit sick with a runny nose.  We decided to make coffee and take a stroll on the massive and beautiful landscaped grounds of the hotel.  Since the rest of the guests were still sleeping we felt like royalty who owned the mansion. It is so so beautiful here. The mountains,  the ocean,  the greenery,  the weather, the hospitality! ! It is basically like having Pandora constantly playing “nature soothing sounds” in the background of whatever we are doing.

The highlight of our first full day here, was our picnic on the beach. We even spotted a couple of whales in the ocean.  We have also become addicted to this mango-guava-orange juice that the hotel services around the clock. Asha had a taste and she agrees too. Cheers to relaxing times!

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