Family trip to Hawaii

Aloha! We are cashing in our Christmas present to each other and heading to Hawaii.  When we booked this trip back in December it seemed like a great idea but the weather report over the last few days in Chicago basically made the whole thing even more awesome.

However, the chance to escape the second polar vortex didn’t come without a price. Asha has been sick for the last couple of days which basically means we haven’t slept much. Last night especially, was quite the experience in a constant waterfall of snot. She was so congested that she kept waking up every few minutes until finally she threw up this massive blubber of phlegm which then dripped and spread everywhere.  This was my first time dealing with it but I can definitely attest to it being better than when the poop exploded.  I couldn’t help but chuckle at the realization that now every surface of our house has thusly been covered in some kind of baby discharge at one point or another!  Welcome to our home where the 5-second rule probably shouldn’t apply any longer.

But life is still good.  No wait. It’s great.  I might or might not smell of throw-up and I might or might not have snot stains on my shirt. At least I definitely know that I am on a plane to paradise.  Now, only if it wasn’t a 12 hour commute…

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