My heart skipped a beat when I saw a poster for these stamps at my local post office. (What a dork I am!)  

Back in January I had briefly shared my excitment at the US Postal Service’s announcement for introducing a new collection of Forever stamps which honor American Visionaries in Industrial Design. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

Fast forward this morning and to the said skipping of heart, I finally made it to the post office and bought these little cuties. I think the postal clerk was a little baffled with my excitment over a booklet of stamps.

My plan, like with any other stamps, was to use them. In fact, I had walked to the post office with a letter to be mailed. But then I held the stamps in my hand and in what I can only describe with that scene from Lord of the Rings, Return of the King where Frodo is having second thoughts about throwing the ring in the flames in Mount Doom, I just stood there staring at the unstamped letter and my shiny new precious stamps.

I couldn’t do it. I walked back to my office with the stamps and the letter. I figured may be if I spend more time staring at the stamps I will eventually get over my desire to keep them forever. The letter remains unmailed for now.

2 thoughts on “Stamps

  1. Oh nothing dorkiness about your excitement. My father would share your feelings. My dad had two albums of stamps he used to collect from countries I didn't even know existed. Growing up with my brothers, going thru those albums was one of our less mischievous hobbies.

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