When I went to Boston…

…I ate ice cream at Christina’s. Must try flavors: Burnt sugar , Ginger, Coffee, Kulfi.
…I inhaled the thin crust pizza at Emma’s.  
…I watched scary movies at night with a cheese and fruite plate; a side of Amisha’s screaming not pictured.
…I ate brunch in the backyard with wild grape vines and overgrown grass.
 …I stuffed myself with Amisha’s guacamole and enchiladas.
…I drank a few Dark ‘n Stormys.

…I walked in the rain and jumped over some fallen trees to have brunch at the Friendly Toast.

…I did what I was told.
…I took a ferry to Oak Bluffs from Woods Hole after eating at Pie in the sky.

…I posed for some pictures with my friends. From the left: Amisha, Raj, Susan, Jay, me, Devang.
…I fell in love with the wild grass swaying in the summer breeze.
…I took pictures.

…I wished to live on a farm just like this.

….Took some shadow pictures.

…I hung out on the beach.

…I rode on a moped.

…I watched the sunset.
I had the best time.

4 thoughts

  1. awesome pics…
    hey how was the christina's ice cream place? it was featured on one of those news shows on nbc a while back as being one of the places that the bostonians are proud about their city…


  2. Christina's had very creative ice cream flavores. The texture was dense and smooth (imagine the opposite of Edy's) and the portion sizes were perfect. Definitely a place to be proud of.


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