When I went to Boston…

…I ate ice cream at Christina’s. Must try flavors: Burnt sugar , Ginger, Coffee, Kulfi.
…I inhaled the thin crust pizza at Emma’s.  
…I watched scary movies at night with a cheese and fruite plate; a side of Amisha’s screaming not pictured.
…I ate brunch in the backyard with wild grape vines and overgrown grass.
 …I stuffed myself with Amisha’s guacamole and enchiladas.
…I drank a few Dark ‘n Stormys.

…I walked in the rain and jumped over some fallen trees to have brunch at the Friendly Toast.

…I did what I was told.
…I took a ferry to Oak Bluffs from Woods Hole after eating at Pie in the sky.

…I posed for some pictures with my friends. From the left: Amisha, Raj, Susan, Jay, me, Devang.
…I fell in love with the wild grass swaying in the summer breeze.
…I took pictures.

…I wished to live on a farm just like this.

….Took some shadow pictures.

…I hung out on the beach.

…I rode on a moped.

…I watched the sunset.
I had the best time.

4 thoughts on “When I went to Boston…

  1. awesome pics…
    hey how was the christina's ice cream place? it was featured on one of those news shows on nbc a while back as being one of the places that the bostonians are proud about their city…

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