Pizza Night

Devang’s favorite food is pizza. Naturally, I’ve taken it upon myself to make the best pizza he’s had, at home. The process has been an uphill battle mainly because of the crust. I always screw it up.

So I did what every woman does when in need of advice – ask Oprah. Her website had a whole-wheat pizza dough recipe which I followed to the T. Tonight, using the dough, Devang and I made a pie each and topped it our way. The round is mine and the rectangle is his. They both baked quickly and crisply in a 550 F oven. We could hardly wait for the bubbling pies to cool.

Turns out, the crusts were semi permanently stuck to the well oiled pie pan and the cookie sheet. It took us a while to get them off. His came out in one piece; mine not so much. But in one piece or not, they both tasted good. The dough recipe gets 3.5 stars (out of 5).  Next time I’ll make sure to lower oven temp and use corn meal to prevent stickage. It wasn’t the best pizza but I think I am on the right path.

Do you have a fail proof whole-wheat pizza dough recipe? Have you tried the Trader Joe’s brand pizza doughs? Are they good?

Before all the pizza baking, I went for a 5 mile group run at Fleet Feet down the street. I don’t know why it took this long for me to get out there. I’ve met some really great people via running clubs and I can only hope that the trend continues. There were more serious runners (male and female) than the slow jogger types like me. But it was still very inspiring and uplifting.

Do you run with a running club in your town?

2 thoughts on “Pizza Night

  1. I logged on to share pics of OUR pizza night and saw that you guys had one last night too! This was the second time we used dough from Jewel, The brand is called Rhodes. It's not whole wheat but it comes out crispy every single time. I think the key to the crispiness is a combo of the dough and the non stick pizza pan, def invest in one, it makes a huge difference!

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