sore ego

Last time I regularly went to a group exercise class was back in 2004. Last night I felt a strong urge to change that. I attended not one, not two, but three group exercise classes at my local gym:

Hi-Lo Cardio
The class was not difficult. Just a lot of thrashing and flailing of arms and legs. The music was so fast that it was impossible to focus on form. There were mirrors all around and I could see myself looking despicably out of sync from the rest of the participants. It was embarrassing. Many of the cardio moves were dance like. After consulting the mirrors I concluded that I am better at those moves post 3 beers and in high heels. Or is that my imagination too? Thank god that it’s dark in the clubs.

12-minute abs
Taught by the same lady as the Hi-Lo cardio class, the 12-minute abs session was challenging. Lots of repetition which I felt in my gut right away. Moves lacked variety, but overall it was good.

90-minute Pilates
Where do I begin? The class was impossible. My only experience with Pilates has been through Windsor Pilates (remember the infomercial?). WP was hard but only 20 minutes. This was harder and went on and on for 90 painful minutes. The instructor looked 65 until she started doing all the moves. On the flexibility scale of 1-10, 10 being most flexible, I was about a 3 and she was off the charts. I did a lot of laying on the mat in self pity while others stretched this way and that.

Today is day-after of my group exercise marathon. I feel sore in some areas, but mostly I am mentally wounded from being so out of shape and stiff. Nevertheless as they say, you can’t go lower than low. I am hoping that this is the worst I’ll have to feel about my body. I am committed to the cause of getting healthier.

Running was my scapegoat from stretching, weight training, yoga, etc. But running 4 or 5 meager miles at 10 minute pace for the last 5 years is hardly progress. The new year isnt due for several weeks, but I think my resolution needs an early start. I’m gonna get on with it.

In closing, kids, don’t let lazy happen to you.

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