Morning Report.

Miraculous rescue of lost laundry.Laundry bag accidentally thrown down the trash chute has been recovered by the porter. A lazy neighbor had decided to throw empty cardboard boxes down the chute the same day. Lucky for us, they got stuck and acted as a barrier between the laundry bag and the trash compactor. I am happy to have my clothes back. Although I must admit I was getting excited over the prospect of an underwear makeover.

Name Change progressing slowly but surely.
Now that I have my new name plate and name badge, I am two steps away from a total name change. Pending are my American Express Card and passport. Any ideas on what to do with the old plate?

New York Times Sunday paper best in town.
On many days I read as if it were my job (funny that I indirectly do get paid for it since I browse at work). Last weekend, I took the next step and bought the print edition of New York Times. It’s a steep price for a newspaper ($6.00) but the reading pleasure is at least 10 folds. I totally ignored the sports and investment section, but it still look me 3 days to read everything I wanted to read in there. The pleasure of sprawling out on the floor, flipping and folding the long sheets as I sip coffee on a Sunday was unknown to me until now. Full points also for cuteness: check out the margins of their food section. I can’t get over this.

Breakfast maladies.

This morning I packed a nice bowl of blueberries and strawberries along with some European Yogurt, honey, and ground flaxseed. Missing was the apparatus (spoon) to enjoy this delicious treat. I ate it with a fork and will lick the bowl clean of its berry juices once no one is looking.
Entirely too much useless information. Thanks for listening. Time to get back to work. But if you choose to linger do share your favorite thing to do on a Sunday.

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