going commando and other such things

My husband accidently threw away our laundry bag in the trash chute. It was all too funny until I started remembering what was in the bag. With the exception of what I have on, I have lost ALL underwear in addition to a few pairs of socks, two of my favorite running shorts, my blue NorthFace shirt, Columbia hooded fleece….YES, I now realize that we hadn’t done laundry in too long.
Have you ever thrown away something important?

And now for bigger and more important news, I want to give a shoutout to Gigi who ran her very first marathon on 10-10-10. She did amazingly well for a rookie. I am telling everyone that it was because I cooked for her the night before. Training for weeks had totally nothing to do with it.  I volunteered the day before at the marathon expo. It was the biggest and baddest expo I’ve seen. I was stationed at the Runner Tracking table helping people to set up text message updates on their running friends. After finishing my shift I walked around and ate all the free food. I tasted about 10 different Clif Bars, spicy hummus and pita, Yogurt, Gells, Sports drinks, etc. I was so full by the time I left. I had picked up Gigi’s bib while at the expo and on the way back everyone assumed that I was running too. I got a few friendly nodes and hellos ; I felt like a total poser.

3 thoughts on “going commando and other such things

  1. Bright side is no laundry to do? Im jk jk Its not funny, or maybe a little? It'll be a good story for the kids “when your dad and i first got married and lived together, he once threw out my laundry”

  2. lol.. this is the funniest laundry story…..hehehe..

    as for the dinner before the marathon, you are correct. it's like a car: a car is useless if it has no fuel in it. in the same way, if i didn't have the fuel that you fed me with, i could not have done it =)

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