Why your grandma and I would be better friends than you and I.

It has come to my attention many times that I get along better with the older folks than people my own age. Here is a sampling of why this be:

  • I drive like one.
  • I love old British comedies like Keeping up Appearances, To the Manor Born, Good Neighbors, etc. No one my age has ever heard of these. The ones who have, always respond by saying oh yeah, my grandma used to watch those. Then they take two steps back and I never hear from them.
  • My phone is ancient. It only fulfills one purpose – to make calls. It can’t tell me where to go when I’m lost. Or take pictures. Or play that game that everyone is addicted to. The only thing shy of making it a total grandma phone are the lack of big digits.
  • I knit. I love to knit. Even though I only know one pattern : knit 2, pearl 2. On most days, I’d rather knit than go shopping.
  • Most people (you) anticipate some form of baked good once they enter my front door and I am happy to comply.
  • I bake and cook while wearing a floral apron.
  • I am a firm believe in using linens instead of paper napkins on a day to day basis.
  • I complain about the TV being too loud too often.
  • I rate tea time around the same level of fun as Happy Hour.
  • My vision without contact lenses is probably the same as poor grandma.
  • I have started believing in “sensible shoes”.
  • I run like one.

I think my mental age is 75.
Do you have any old folk tendencies?  Come on dear, dont be shy.

3 thoughts on “Why your grandma and I would be better friends than you and I.

  1. this is why i adore you chika! and you make me laugh. My old folk tendency is making sure I can be in bed by 10. I wish it were earlier, but it never happens.

  2. I wear old sweaters over my clothes when I'm cold and I wear slippers over my socks.

    I love listening to Indian songs on the radio – like the cheesy station back in CLT.

    I love sitting on the couch with a blanket watching those black and white movies. (As Time Goes By is my brit show)

    I like sitting outside the porch and just watching nothing happen.

    How's Chicago by the way? Looks like you're loving it (:

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