A Weekend in Chicago.

I headed to Chicago last weekend to check up on my husband. This note greeted me as I entered our new apartment .
A very romantic love note on a very prosaic note pad. What a darling juxtaposition. He writes too nicely for a doctor.
The next thing to greet me was this wonderful view. THIS feels like home. 
I was prepared to put some elbow grease in cleaning the apartment and adding homey touches. To my pleasant surprise, everything was already clean and homey. For those who say men are messy and uncapable of taking care of a place, I’m sorry for you. The one I snagged is highly proficient in these areas. With no work to do, I made some coffee, sat on the couch, and literlly stared at the view for the next couple of hours.
Later, I went to the hospital to see Devang in action. This is the first time I’ve seen him in a hospital sporting all the doctor gear. It was highly stimulating. We had dinner and he gave me a tour of the place. I am so proud of him. And infinitely more thankful that my job doesn’t require me to be responsible for other people’s lives.
For the rest of the weekend, we did things like read the paper, clip coupons, watch the news, water the plants, shop for bathroom caddy, buy Drano, go for walks. This is the most exciting weekend I’ve had. I’ve craved this for so long. The comfort of being happy, being together, and doing ordinary things.

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