Maladies of a transient Minimalist

  • There are three giant bottles of pickles in my fridge. I don’t eat pickles. I never saw Komal eat pickles. Nonetheless, there are three Costco-sized bottles of this stuff in the fridge. 
  •  I set off to bake choco-chip cookies last night in an attempt to use up chocolate chips, butter, and flour. Half way through mixing the ingredients I realized that there was no granulated white sugar in the house.
  • I ran into the screen door while exiting onto the balcony; this has never happened before in my life. I have adjusted to the empty space apparently and don’t even look for things while stepping about.
  • I have some delicious coffee in the pantry, but I have no coffee maker.
  • I am running out of toothpaste.
  • I am completely out of peanut butter.

T-6 days till Chicago.

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