Dragon Boat Racing

I have never won any sporting related medals but all that changed this weekend. History was made when some of my work folks and I won two Bronze medals in the annual Dragon Boat Festival in DC. The first medal was in Mix Minor 250meters and the second was for Mix Major 500meters. We competed against 17 other teams in our division. It was testing and by the end of the weekend, I couldn’t feel my bottom, back, shoulders, and arms. Victory doesn’t come easy as they say. This morning while applying my make-up I realized that I am now 4 shades darker due to hanging out in the sun for over 15 hours. With the approaching wedding, this could be a problem. I hope no one notices. Shout out to Nana who rowed with his corporate team, Booz Allen Hamilton Beta Fish, and took home multiple medals, including the fastest team overall.
In other news, I am addicted to Kefir Strawberry. It tastes like Strawberry lassi. I bought a 1 qt bottle from Trader Joe’s after boat racing; around 6:00pm. Between then and now, I am almost done with the bottle. Too much of a good thing is not good for you I think.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Boat Racing

  1. nice work!! there's a big weekend of dragon boat racing here on the Charles in June, maybe your team can come compete?? i love kefir, and will have to try the strawberry!

  2. wow congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! that looks like so much fun. i didn't know they have the dragon boat race in u.s too. there is a bunch of dragon races in the edmonton area through out the year…… hummm.. i wonder if it is the same dragon boat race traveling around north america….

    you look so good in your safety outfit and i am sure your tan looks just great!!!

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