Wedding Preparations.

I am home, in Charlotte, where wedding preparations are in full swing at my parent’s house. My 4 aunts usually get here around 11 am and stay till dinner to help my mom with whatever she needs. Anytime I lift a finger to help, I instantly get yelled at. They want me to relax, and to just watch and enjoy. I am realizing that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity when I have an entire army of folks telling me to take it easy. I am not used to this. 

I am having a difficult time accepting that this is all for me. I want to hide and pretend that it’s being done for someone else. Accept they keep cooking and baking and I have to come out of my hiding place because I cant resist the smells. I keep reminding myself that I need to watch my diet, that I should make an effort to not have a muffin top or jiggly arms. But it’s all in vain. 

The wedding is 5 days away, but the official festivities will begin on Thursday and go on until Sunday night. The official events are surrounded by unofficial ones (meaning there will only be about 50 close family folks instead of the 300 guests). I have six change of clothes, 2 hair appointments, and a couple of other beauty related appointments. I’ll say it again, I am not used to this. 

For a very long time (up until last Friday actually), I struggled with accepting this wedding as a “good time”. Indian Weddings are a hassle. They are so much work, they cost a lot of money, and they are SOOOOOOO much work. But now that I’m home I see that the only one complaining is me. The folks who are actually doing the work and paying for this are having a time of their life. So heck! Why shouldn’t I!!? Bring on the fake nails!

Life is good and it’s about to get better. I am a nervous wreck even though I know everything will work out just fine. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. 

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