Cake Toppers

I am in the market for cake toppers. The local craft store only had Caucasian couples, so I took my search online.  Here is a sampling of my choices.

1 – Funny-Sexy: I don’t think family will appreciate this.

2- Bride in-Charge: Even though I steal Dev’s clothes all the time, I don’t think this applies. 

3 – Love Pinch: I LIKE. 

4 – Traditional Indian Bride and Groom: Cute, but I am not sure about the bride. The looking-in-the-distance bothers me.

5 – Contemporary Indian Bride and Groom: Again, what’s with the bride? And I don’t know if Dev will appreciate looking like my uncle with a mustache.   
6 – Western Cow Wedding:  If all else fails, there are always Cows. I am digging the bangs. 
Which one do you like? 

2 thoughts on “Cake Toppers

  1. how about a lil frame with a pic of you guys instead?? If not, I like the traditional indian one, you guys dont look like any of the other ones! Well, maybe you slightly resemble the last one ;) JK!!!

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