A Weekend in Charlotte.

I drove to Charlotte NC for some much needed R&R with the family. It was a hundred degrees and humid the entire time (at least it felt like so). Summer is far from over in the Queen City. e01f5-charlottesept2009022
Saturday morning, I met up with my sister and her family to watch the kids play soccer. This is Eshaan; he is 7 years old. His team, the 49ers, won their match against last year’s champions. While cheering them on, I kept calling his teammates by the wrong names. Example: “Tyler, Assist. yeahhh. Way to go Tyler. woohooo.” Unfortunately, Tyler was the goalie and no where near the ball in that quarter. Also, I am hoping that “Assist” is the right vocabulary for soccer cheering because I used it a lot. My sister was enjoying my foolishness and let me continue on while other parents stared in disapproval.
This is Aashrai; he is 3.5 years old. His team didn’t have a match, but they practiced kicking and learning the rules. After a few minutes of watching, I realized the three year olds were more skilled at soccer than me.
After the game/practice, my sister drove home with the exhausted and hungry kids. I stuck around for a run. It was too hot considering it was almost noon, so I called it a day after little over 3 miles. A nice long shower later, I drove to my sister’s to hang out and eat the kiddie snacks which I love but am too embarrassed to buy.

Usually her living room is littered with Legos, superhero costumes, swords, cars, etc. This time, the place was suspiciously clean. And instead of the usual boy toys, there was a baby pram in the corner. I was slightly confused by it’s presence. It felt out of place in a household with no little girls. I was assured by Aashrai however, that it is the perfect tool to haul his toys around. I guess it’s working because all the toys were hauled and put away. 67dd2-charlottesept2009033

On Sunday, I spent most of the morning with my parents in the back yard. My dad made some Mint Chai for us to enjoy. I caught up on some essential reading before it was time to pack and leave for DC. An action packed but relaxing weekend for sure!1c14f-charlottesept2009042

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