Life Lately

-Epic Boston Post is still in the works. My computer is on its deathbed and wont let me upload and further enhance the already beautiful pictures from the trip. A post without pictures will be slow torture because my writing isn’t that terrific. So bear with me (and my dying computer).

-Speaking of death and computers, I’ve just ordered a new Dell Mini10v netbook. I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie on my laptop or listened to a CD, so another laptop was out of question. The mini is less than 3 lbs and smaller than some of the books I read. With the Bank discount the damage on my American Express is less than $300. Sweet, no?

-Labor day weekend was spent in Chicago with Dev. Not to repeat myself, but I love Chicago. I landed at 9:00am on Saturday morning. Dev, knowing I must be kept busy so I’d let him study, drove me straight to Stanley’s and the farmers’ market, where I bought enough stuff to make Southwestern Omelets for breakfast. I spent the rest of the morning cooking (and burning). It was perfect.

-I have new running shoes. Another pair of ASICS 2140; why fix what ain’t broke. Except, I had to go up half a size. I used to wear 6 or 6.5 once upon a time. These ASICS are 8.0. Yikes! My feet are getting big, callus-y, scar-y and in general ugly. They look like they have been used and abused. I love it.

-Eating has been the top priority lately. I don’t know whether it’s the change in season, or if I am anxious about stuff, or whatever. I’ve been eating a lot. Since Boston, I’ve barely run but eaten like I run 10 miles daily. Not so good on the waistline. I’ve realized that I just need some time off. I’ll worry about the waist starting October. Till then if you have to see me, please just ignore what you see and offer me that cookie anyway.

-I am headed to Charlotte today. Oddly, I am looking forward to the drive. I can’t wait to see my nephews who have a soccer/baseball game tomorrow morning. I also have to visit a few potential wedding venues. Hopefully, I’ll find a place that we can all agree on.

-I am desperately seeking a good book to read. Out of guilt, I am just trying to finish up what I’ve started. But it’s been a while since I read something that kept me awake till dawn. Any recommendations?

-The craftiness of my formative years has returned. Inspiration is flowing in abundance from everywhere. I spent an hour at ACMoore yesterday buying canvases, paints, knitting stuff, etc. They had to throw me out of the store at closing time. If I start early enough, may be this Christmas I can give handmade presents. Yes I’m 27 and capable of driving to the stores with my wallet. BUT, wouldn’t you rather have something I spent hours creating? yes? good.

-Lastly, Work Actions. I am keeping very busy.

That’s all folks. I bid you a good weekend.

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