A day trip to the Great Falls, MD

Friends getting ready to hike in Great Falls in MarylandOn Sunday morning these three unsuspecting friends received an unexpected call from me asking them to strap on their sneakers and get ready for a surprise. To my surprise, they complied without arguing or asking questions. Perhaps still hungover from their Saturday night shindig to be too inquisitive. From Left: Rahul, Davina, Neel.

My surprise involved taking them to one of my favorite new places to run, the C&O Canal. We parked at the Old Angeler’s Inn (mile marker 12.3) and proceeded on the towpath towards the Great Falls Overlook (mile marker 14.0). The towpath is mostly flat and littered with fabulous flora and fauna.96eb7-greatfallsmay312009009


We almost missed this little guy while listening to Rahul’s inappropriate jokes about little girls with no arms. After poking it a little, we concluded that it was dead. That, or the poking killed it. b17d6-greatfallsmay312009043

The Great Falls. Stunning. Expansive. Majestic. It’s hard to believe they are only a stone throw away from the city. 1cfb3-greatfallsmay312009036

After a little lunch break which involved napping for some and soaking feet for others, we proceeded on the Billy Goat Trail. We were expecting this to be a mostly dirt trail running along the Potomac river. We were half right. Turns out it is quite rocky with pointy boulders that could crack skull if one were to slip. I tried to be the trail guide but after losing sight of said trail several times, they pushed me to the back of the line. The trail ended with mini Hillary Step type of ledge. Neel was crying and didn’t think he could make it. But a little girl of no more than 5 years of age successfully reached the top giving Neel a little more courage. I stayed behind him just to make sure he got to the top. 9b720-greatfallsmay312009063

A little over a mile later, we emerged out of the trail, sweaty, stinky, tired, hungry, tanned, half dead, etc. We walked the remainder mile on the towpath back to the car.

This was perhaps the most adventurous Sunday I’ve had in a long time. Hopefully Rahul, Davina, and Neel wont run in the opposite direction the next time I say I have a surprise.

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