Wednesday and Thursday nights of this week, I’ve been a victim of insomnia.
I was wide awake at 3:00am and 2:00am respectively (I guess that technically makes it not Wednesday and Thursday).
I’ve run enough on both evenings to be tired. Wednesday was my first track workout (5 miles) and Thursday I ran 6+ miles on C&O Canal in 100% humidity. In addition to the running, work has been very testing and mentally frustrating.
The insomnia just doesn’t make sense.
But whatever.
Thursday night after trying in vain for 30 minutes to fall back asleep, I gave up and decided to be productive.

-unpacked from memorial day weekend
-moved my last bit of winter coats/clothes from closet to hall closet
-‘fixed’ the sock drawer that hasn’t shut in 2 months
-swept the bedroom floor
-unloaded the dish washer
-loaded it back with dirty dishes
-scrubbed the kitchen sink
-cleaned/organized the refrigerator by throwing away crap that’s probably morphed into something other than food
-took out the garbage and recyclings
-refilled the soap dispensers in the bathroom and kitchen

It’s now past 4:00am on Friday morning. I’ve run out of things to do but I still can’t sleep. I can hear the birds chirping. The Metro will start in less than an hour. The Sun will rise at 5:46 am.


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