Life’s persistant questions.

Things I wonder about before 9:00am on most days:

-What should I wear to look like a Banker instead of looking like I-don’t-give-a-crap?
-Do I want to attempt running home today? If so, are the shoes too stinky to put in the same bag as the lunch?
-(Along the same lines) Which bag will hold today’s lunch, running things, books, planner, etc?
-Can I walk in these shoes? Usually the answer is no so I proceed to stuff a couple of band-aids for inevitable blisters/bloody toes.
-Did Lilah sneak in my room while I was in the bathroom? Check under bed, check window, check closet. No? Okay to close room door. Yes? Spend 10 minutes begging her to get out.
-Do a handful of mini chocochips count as breakfast of champions? They should.
-Will this shirt make me sweaty while climbing the mini hill on the way to the Metro?
-What will I eat for dinner?

Things I don’t wonder about:

-Will it Rain today? Do I need an umbrella? It’s just water and I’m not made of sugar.
-What time is it!!? Being late is sorta my thing I guess and my Boss has given up on telling me to be on time.
-Do I have my phone? I am weird about cell phones. I want to use it for my benefit only. I don’t usually like others having access to me 24/7. So if I forget it at home, it’s no big deal. I can use the work phone for my pressing issues. Not so much worried about others’ pressing issues.