A game of Monopoly.

Last night a couple of friends and I indulged in a game of Monopoly. 10 hours later, OK, I exaggerate, 3 hours later, we had forgotten that we had real jobs that paid real money and that we needed to show up for them the next morning.

Growing up, I use to spend most of my summer afternoons playing Monopoly. Of all those bazillion hours spent getting rich and then poor and then rich again, not once do I remember the game reaching a proper ending. We were either called for dinner or most likely one of the adults had to break off the fight where we accused each other of stealing from the bank or of other such shenanigans.

At age 27, I realized not much has changed since the last time I played.
As expected, we never finished the game, but there were clear winners and losers. I think we all agreed that it was a good game and that losing money hurts even when it is fake.

Reasons you need to go home tonight and find your Monopoly:
o Money comes in fun colors.
o You can find out what Donald Trump and other real-estate moguls must feel like everyday.
o Exposes the hole left in the brain from the over use of calculators.
o It turns friends against friends…even a gentle soul like Komal turns into a sly fox.
o Going to Jail is often a good thing and wished for.
o Makes you wonder how rich (or lonely) you would be in real life if friends paid Rent every time they visited your property.
o Anyone can win a beauty contest.
o It sharpens your negotiation skills.

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