Learning to cook: From Mom.

In general, I am better at baking than cooking.  It’s probably because I like having exact measurements and directions.
In baking, everything is much more regulated because it’s similar to a science experiment where ingredients react in a certain way with predictable outcomes.

Cooking however is more intuitive. Things can always be tinkered with to your liking. It’s magic, really. It’s what makes grandma’s food unforgettable and makes you dream of mom’s home cooked meals.

I’ve tried to cross the line and be a little less rigid when I cook. But it’s not easy. My mom knows this because I’ll call her at least 10 times while making a simple dish that probably takes her 10 minutes. She keeps telling me to go by sight and feel, but I don’t know what it’s suppose to feel like!! She passed the intuitive cooking gene to my lovely older sister.

When I ask my mom how much of something to use, she does this:


I love you mom, but really? This is not helping. For your child’s sake, next time please measure things out before you dump them in so that when I call, all panicked, you can convert your magic into cups and tablespoons. Because I too want people to dream about my cooking some day.

3 thoughts on “Learning to cook: From Mom.

  1. This made me laugh. Thanks for brightening my day. I’m much more of an intuitive cook (and baker!) and have a hard time following directions. You just gotta have faith that it’s going to turn out right, and taste often!

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