Unwanted Things.

In the midst of spring cleaning last week, I found all sorts of “lost” objects in my closets: clothes I hadn’t worn in months (years), unopened phone bills, endless amounts of pictures that needed a home, dried up art supplies, numerous unread magazines,¬†books, and Lilah cat hairballs.

I also found a crap load of hand bags and shoes.

By the time I pulled out every purse that was hiding in the back of the closet, the floor was covered in a dizzying array of colors and textures. To that, I added my collection of high heeled, pointy, and other stupid shoes that I haven’t been able to wear in a while.

Imagine my consternation as I stared at this growing mountain of wasted money. It could all collectively pay for my new bike, a trip to Italy, and perhaps many more things. sigh

Then I looked around my room and found more useless junk that I’ve bought at one point or another. Best example: An old-school German canvas back-pack that came with a modern “tent” inside. Granted I only paid 50 cents for it, but now it’s taking up that precious corner in my room. And the tent is more like a tarp because it didn’t come with stuff that holds it up (whatchamacallit…stakes?).

How many things are there which I do not want. ~Socrates

To him I say, most things I have I do not want. I can’t wait to move again. I am only taking what fits in my car and getting rid of the rest.
Meanwhile if you are looking for a purse to go with that dress, or a tent…please come by my place first. I’m open for business.

3 thoughts on “Unwanted Things.

  1. oh my…i can’t say i feel your pain on this one heheheh…. i can count all of my shoes and purses with two hands, and i would still have two fingers left over. hehehhappy cleaning :))

  2. Hehehe…I am tempted to say yes but I live in a studio and it takes very little to fill it up. So, for now, I will try to imagine the pain rather than actually feeling it…lolol!!!

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