Infomercials: A cure for the blues?

I love watching infomercials, especially late at night. They help me undo the damage caused by the news channels. Who cares that there are kids dying, people killing, glaciers melting; with 4 easy payments of $9.99, make that 3 if you call NOW, you can instantly make your life better and perfect. Love it!

Okay, so I watch them mostly to humor them, but once in a while I do get sucked into that whole instant gratification mode. And lets be honest, who hasn’t wished for some of that every now and then?

So let me ask you this: what is your source of immediate delight? what do you do to instantly feel better when you are having a bad day….
Do you run? Do you eat? Do you call your BFF? Do you scream? Do you drink? Do you buy products off of infomercials?

I, read.
Lately, I specifically seem to gravitate towards books by Bill Bryson.

When life seems like it’s falling apart, when I get a bad grade, when I get a speeding ticket, when I’m out of peanut butter, when I make a bad decision, when I just don’t care about fixing the real problem….I read anything written by Bill Bryson, and I’m instantly laughing out loud.

It’s a cheap fix guys. And I guarantee it.

One thought on “Infomercials: A cure for the blues?

  1. Reading is an awesome way especially if the material is humorous and makes you laugh…just what you need in a bad day situation. I usually end up in some coffee shop. I sit there with an extra large whatever coffee beverage and write it all out..all of it. I get it off my chest. I basically vent it out in my journal. Then I go for a walk or run. The funny thing is this is what I do when I am having a super day too… hmmm!!!So, what do you do when you are having a good day?

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