How To Dress In A Sari Petticoat?

Much like many Indian-Americans, my closet space is divided into two major clothing groups: Indian and everything else. About 80% of that Indian subcategory includes saris which many claim are too fussy to wear (imagine being wrapped in 4-6 yards of fabric), but are my absolute favorite type of Indian clothes!  Each sari is worn with… Continue reading How To Dress In A Sari Petticoat?


Saying Yes to the Dress.

I started writing this post in August of 2009 after returning from my wedding-shopping excursion to India earlier in July. Then I forgot about it, until now... Ever watch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC? It’s a reality show which documents the riveting process of finding the Perfect Wedding Gown (yeahh…). Clearly, I couldn’t relate to the process until… Continue reading Saying Yes to the Dress.