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I am hard to shop for in general but especially when it comes to clothes. There are several unworn pieces in my closet as proof that many times even I can’t shop for myself. This explains my latest resolve to only buy clothes that fit a certain (humdrum) color scheme. So far it seems to be helping the cause of not spending more than 1-minute to pick an outfit that matches in the mornings (or anytime really).

 My Indian-clothes however are a whole different story.  Everything in that section of the closet is so vibrant, colorful, glittery, and flamboyant. I love this side of me! And I have achieved it only by outsourcing the actual buying to my sister.
Lucky for me, she is a frequent visitor of India. This summer she spent about 6-weeks traveling around the country soaking in all that she didn’t get a chance to see when we lived there. While that is all well and good, I made sure she didn’t forget to restock my Indian wear. I finally saw everything she bought for me while in Charlotte this past week. As I was trying things on I was so giddy that I kept repeating how someone needs to get married soon so I can wear my new clothes! Another reason it is awesome to have a sister.
Chika in Sari
Sari. Indian Clothes
Sari. Indian Clothes

Sari. Indian ClothesSari. Indian Clothes

Didi and I on my wedding day. May 2010

2 thoughts on “Indian Clothes

  1. HI I read your article with interest because i have thought about it as well. Delhi culture is to dress up even if you go to a neighbourhood market. Bombay is alot more casual. Chennai is disastrous.While working in Chennai, we went to a pub in a 3 star hotel, called Bikers Club, i was shocked to find that everyone there was wearing shirt and dhotis.We had girls in pur group and did not spend a minute there. I pubs in Delhi allow everyone to come in wearing whatever they want to, can you imagine what will happen to the ambience?
    Also in office, sometime back, the HR decided they will give more freedom to people to dress the way they feel comfortable. Yu cant imagine to the extent people took the liberty to. People were walking in wearing unpressed kurtas and jeans and chappals. It was affecting the attitude at work place as well. We are back to strick office formals 4 days a week and business casuals on Fridays.
    Given the social immaturity in our society i think the rules we have make sense. For those who are more culturally aware, we pay a price.
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