Life’s Retorical Question # 4568785

Is it possible to parent without screaming?

{ As a reminder – this is a retorical question. Answering is frowned upon especially when the answer is yes! }

I am thinking about this as I do on many mornings of getting kids where they need to go and getting myself where I need to go.

Sometimes it goes so smoothly. Sometimes it goes so wacky. And there is no way to know what I’ll be served.

Today was a wacky day and I feel defeated and inept at parenting. I am sure this feeling will pass soon as it always does, but damn it I hate it that I have to experience it at all! Why can’t things be perfect all the time.

{ Which, by the way, is Life’s Retorical Question # 1 }

My default when I am frustrated with my kids is to lecture and make unrealistic commitments for their future actions. A blanket punishment for all regardless of who did what. Today I told them there is no TV for the rest of summer and that I will make sure they are never on time for things they love to do (birthday parties, play dates, pool dates, etc.); and no more craft kids (oooooooo, now I’m getting real serious ).

What are the chances that I will keep this up? None. But you know what. It felt so good in the moment to pretend that I have power as I give these empty threats in a loud voice. A perfect state of dillusion.

I love my kids. I love my kids. I love my kids. I love my kids.


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