A little holiday surprise for my neighbors

I live on a magical street filled with the sweetest neighbors who, during the holidays, leave the tastiest surprises on our stoop. Case in point this Santa cookie which I can’t get over. I mean, can a cookie get any cuter!?

This year for my contribution to the stoop-surprise, I decided to make a small flower arrangement for each of my neighbors. This, because, I am a gal who loves flowers and a gal who saves every glass jar that comes her way.

{ Also because I couldn’t compete with that Santa cookie. ;) }

I made 20 in total over the course of an afternoon while watching The Princess Bride. Flowers came from Trader Joe’s and my yard. My least favorite part was scrubbing some of the old labels off the jars. My most favorite part was all the rest.

I wish I had bought more silver dollar eucalyptus and a few more flowers to make the arrangements fuller and fragrant. All in all, I was still very pleased with the results.

The hardest part of delivering them was knowing where to leave them on the stoop so that it didn’t get knocked down by the million kids and pets who live on this street. :)

Putting together these flower arrangements for my neighbors made me so happy and relaxed! I might just make it a Holiday Tradition from now on.

Hope you are enjoying the season and counting down to Christmas.

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