Sugar Mountain, NC

Are you a mountains or a beach kinda guy? Personally I am a *tiny* bit partial towards the mountains.

A few weeks ago over Veterans Day, we took a weekend road trip to Sugar Mountain in North Carolina. The hurricane made it a rainy, and then snowy weekend, but we were cocooned in a lovely cabin with a hot tub, and apparently nothing else mattered.

Our highlights from the weekend included:

  • Alpine Coaster – absolutely positively do not miss this no matter how cold you might think it is. also, get the three-ride ticket because there is no way you are only want to do this one time.
  • Sugar Mountain Gem Mine – not much different than any other gem mine you might have been to, but the good thing about this one was that it was under a covered tent which made it easily given the weather we encountered.
  • Grandfather Mountain + Nature Center – always a breathtaking treat. We saw black bears in the zoo and had fun playing inside the nature center.
  • Old Hampton Store and Grist Mill – another not to be missed destination. The food was delicious and so was everything else around and in it. I am not big on BBQ but love my fried okra which was absolutely perfect here. I had the whole basket.
  • A walk around Boone downtown. Make time to eat at Proper. Pizza at Carolina Pizza Co was pretty good. Coffee and Cookies from Blue Deer hit the spot.
  • Booneshine Brewing Company – A bit out of the way but totally worth the drive.

One funny thing from this vacation – Error in communication lead me to accidently leave out the entire stack of Dev’s clothes and things while packing. So we arrived to Sugar Mountain at 11pm on Thursday night sans everything for Dev. If there is one other thing I want you to know it is that I love my little family and how good they are at making the best of everything. We took this opportunity to explore the local thrift store and came back with many second hand treasures.

And now let the flooding of pictures begin! One of these days, I’ll learn to group them in the right order, until then, enjoy the beautiful mess!

That neon moss! I still can’t get over it.
The ladder went to a “secret room”
The “Secret Room” ended up being a perfect getaway for the kids for crafts and games.
HOT TUB!!!! I am not a fan, but I get it. Especially when it cold and snowy.
Signs that you have a fashionable older sister.
Getting ready for the Alpine Coster

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