Photos from Madrid, Spain.

Should you be an avid reader of travel books, magazines, and blogs, a sentiment that is often shared about Madrid is that it’s a good pass through city. Centrally located, well connected, it’s where you go to go somewhere else.

Personally, I’ve found this advice rather wrong. With it’s brilliant outdoor parks, food markets (yes, there are more than just that famous Mercado San Miguel) the countless squares, the jaw dropping sunsets and a million beautiful spots to enjoy them, friendly people, and more, it’s easily a place where one can spend an entire vacation. Over and Over again.

Here is a photo dump from our April 2022 trip to Madrid. We loved every second of it and wish we had more days in this beautiful city. If you care to see more, do a search for Madrid in the search bar on the right hand side of this site, and you’ll see even more pictures from our last time here in.

Breakfast of Champions – Churros and Hot Chocolate
A smoothie machine built into the store? Yes please!
Leave it to Asha to find a craft store wherever we travel.
Playa Mayor
Picture of Asha taken by Arjun.
We came across this Duck Store in Playa Mayor and couldn’t believe that such a thing could exist. Funny enough we ran into another Duck Store in Barcelona a few days later and just had to chuckle.
The Duck Store!
Mercado San Miguel
Interesting things that kids photograph.
Sunset at Palacio Royal
Palacio Royal
Midnight strolls
Madrid – Churros + Hot Chocolate
Madrid – Palacio Royal
Madrid Sunset
Madrid – hotel
When you order a taxi and THIS shows up – We all agreed that every car needs to be this cool with facing seats.
the good old game of “look i have powers to open the automatic doors”.
Atocha Train Station

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