Dusting off the DSLR

I used to be that person who didn’t leave the house without her Canon DSLR camera. Who packed fewer clothes and shoes for trips just so that she could carry all the camera equipment. Who couldn’t imagine life without the camera slung around her shoulders. And then I got on the smartphone bandwagon.

Smartphones, including my current Google Pixel, take such mind-blowingly amazing pictures that it just doesn’t make sense anymore to lug around bulky lenses and DSLR for armatures like me. More importantly, Google Photos does **SUCH A GOOD JOB** of automatically archiving (and backing-up) the pictures I take, that it literally saves me hours in downloading, renaming, sorting, saving, sharing, and accessing photos.

Call it nostalgia, but for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my DSLR. May be because I reorganized the attic into my office and uncovered a bunch of things that have just been sitting around hidden for a very long time.

My first thought after discovering my old friend was to say sorry. To admit that I’ve missed that bulk and extra work that we shared together. I’ve missed taking pictures that were a little bit of a guess work you know. I’ve missed the joy that goes into a truly good picture after 15 bad ones where the light was off, or where the subject was fuzzy.

So I dusted off my Canon Rebel Ti2, charged the battery and took a few pictures this past week. When it came time to download them though, I soon realized that my current computer doesn’t even have a place to stick that SD card. ha! I had to try and remember where I would have saved the cord that would allow me to access the pictures.

Anyway. While I don’t completely plan to give up my smartphone camera – who in their right mind would – I do plan on using the DSLR more regularly. For old time sakes. = )

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