My Attic Office

Since I started full time work back in November, I’ve turned part of our third floor attic into my home office. Today being Monday, I thought I’d share a few pictures of this space where I spend so much of my daily time.

I am definitely a very visual person who draws a lot of her energy when things around her are pretty and organized. My office is made of furniture cast offs and hand-me-downs from a long time ago (except the rug which I purchased specifically for this purpose), mixed with lots of kids’ artwork, arranged just so, to bring me maximum calm and joy.

The double-door closet houses most of my arts, crafts, and paper supplies. The single door closet is where we store all our suitcases and random things. The two-short-doors go to the attic crawl space. There are a lot of door in that tiny space.

I plan to add some plants, a tall mirror that’s been hanging around other parts of the house but would make a good home here * my yoga mat with the hope that I might squeeze in a stretch or two during the work day.

And that’s my office. If you feel like it, I’d love to know about the space where you work too and what about it brings you joy when things get stressful. Wishing you a happy Monday and productive week ahead.

Source: Gray Couch from Amazon (similar) * Opal House Persian Rug and OH HAPPY DAY pillow from Target * Black office chair from Costco * Old Dining table painted gray * VariDesk sit to stand desk * Navy console table from Wayfair * Original art piece – Panama Mola Patchwork – mother’s day gift from a couple of years ago, acquired from Cheshire Cat Antique Gallery, Raleigh * White picture frame – a gift from my friend Dottie who at the time (circa 2014) was taking a photography class in Chicago with an assignment to capture a subject in two different environments; I was happy to play her muse as Chika at work and Chika at home * Not so easy to see coral colored Liz Kelly Mug (similar) which is the prettiest coffee mug I own thanks to my friend Annie who gave it to me for my 40th birthday * Guitar, a Christmas gift from me to D. a long time ago, which has served as a cute prop ever since.

Happy Birthday to Ari.

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