In my opinion …

Can we please lay off on the snacks and drinks after children’s sporting events?

Not because I care so much about sugar and calories, but because I am lazy and can’t be bothered to be in charge of bringing snacks for an entire team. It’s another thing I have to do which doesn’t really need to be done in the scheme of things. Can’t we all just go home and snack? Do the kids really need a snack after playing for 30-40-60-minutes? Didn’t you just feed the kids before the game anyway? Aren’t you about to go each lunch now?

I have been quietly wondering about this for many years. COVID-19 took if off my radar, but now that we are back at it, I just don’t understand why parents and coaches have to worry about snacks after each game. Why spend any effort and energy in this department at all? Can’t we all collectively just agree that playing together is fun enough, without needing yet another “highlight” after the game ends?

Disclaimer – This opinion comes from the parent whose kids love snacks and treats after a game. In fact they love it so much that they take snacks and treats even when enjoying the game as a spectator for one of their siblings. If anything, I owe lots of parents buckets of snacks to balance what my kids have consumed. I have added SNACK GUILT to my already heavily burdened list of various guilts. I could really do without it though. So let’s just end this!!

And now for photographic evidence that I still love my children and they still love me (when I buy them snow cones) (just kidding!)(not) (yes of course I am) (I only drove them there so that Asha can use her piggybank $$ to buy her siblings some snow cones) (I am a good parent, I am a good parent, I am a … )

Where do you stand on this issue?

Hope you have a great weekend ahead! Good luck to all your kiddos playing in organized sports. Saturday is a big game day as I have learned. May they all have fun!

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