A new way to slice bagels

I am a big fan of bagels. Even so, I always wonder why they have to be so huge. I know not all bagels are huge, and yes they do sell “mini bagels”, but 95% of the bagels I encounter at the grocery and warehouse stores are giants. They seem rather unnecessary for most appetites. Especially if like me you eat it with other things like coffee, fruits, yogurt, salmon, peanut butter and/or cheese.

On a recent morning just when I was getting ready to slice the bagels in the usual horizontal fashion, I stopped and wondered what if I did the opposite. I proceeded to slice it vertically instead creating multiple thin slices.

sliced bagel
sliced bagel

My one bagel, now had enough slices to feed me and two children without the usual complains from the littles that it is too much to eat. Nor did I have to hear how hard it is to bite through, or how it is too big to hold, or why isn’t a donut instead, and other such banal complains unique to households with young children.

Slicing a bagel this way when you have company would also mean that guests can top each slice with a different topping if they so choose, forever ending the mind numbing debate of sweet or savory. Or eat multiple kinds of bagels without wanting to throw up afterwards.

By golly, I feel like my life has changed for the better, albeit in the tiniest of ways.

Isn’t this wonderful!? :) Or am I the last one on the planet to figure out this trick?

Featured Image: Unsplash

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