Sunday Reading: My running days

Once upon a time I was an avid runner. Not a very good one, but a consistent one who went for a 4-5 mile run each morning – rain or shine – before heading to work. Who met with friends after work to go for a run on the National Mall and ending at a happy hour somewhere still in the sweaty running clothes (ew). Who explored new trails over the weekends. Who was always signed up for a race somewhere.

From the archives for your reading pleasure:

Adventures in Running { to a happy hour }

Death By …

The First Mile is the Hardest

All I can say about that now is wow, I had a lot of time back then!

When I moved to Chicago, my love for running slowly vaporized into thin air. Probably because I had moved away from the people and the city that kept me motivated.

These days, I am getting that same itch again to strap on my running shoes and get back out there and explore. When would I do this begs to be sorted out, but as Dev tells me, if I want it badly enough, I will find the time to make it happen.

Sharing a few blog posts from the archives about my running days. Reading them I am reminded of how passionate I used to be about going out for a run { and slightly over the top in my writing style}.

I had fun revisiting these blog posts and hope they bring you some chuckles and motivation too in case you are looking to resurrect your love for running too.

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