Strawberry Season

Have you been strawberry picking yet? Would you be surprised if I told you that I have never ever been to a strawberry farm even though they are one of my most favorite fruits?

hand picked strawberries from the yard

I start thinking about fixing this little error each year, until I realize that thanks to Devang, our backyard produces more than enough berries that our family can consume. We literally go strawberry picking every morning. It can’t get better than that.

In spite of my brown thumb, they come back each year more glorious and abundant than the last. Not to mention the wonder of watching a flower turn into a tiny green berry to a big red an delicious treat. Everyone should plant some strawberries in their yard!

Still, one of these days I will make my way to that farm too.

strawberry flower
boy picking strawberries
strawberry in baby hand
boy picking strawberries
strawberry in the garden
boy picking strawberries
boy in strawberry patch
boy holding strawberry
boy holding strawberry

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